Mumbai, referred to as an island city, is spread over an area of 438 square kms. The location is ideal for use of water transport as a mode of communication. It is linearly spread along the Arabian Sea coast & is also inside the bay.

Mumbai ranks sixth among world’s most populous urban inhabitations with a population figure of about 14-15 million in 2007. Today, just the commuters using the public and private transport are 11million! Floating population figures are an astounding 2 to 3 million!

The water bodies around Mumbai provide an excellent opportunity to develop an eco-friendly and viable transport system. The system, when implemented, will be on a sustainable basis and at an affordable cost to the passengers.

The Government is seriously looking at water transport as a revolutionary mass transport system - Passenger Water Transport facility (PWT).

Current Status
The Project is at a status quo as the Letter of Intent and the Letter of Award issued to the SGSL led consortium by MSRDC has been revoked and the Project has been cancelled. SGSL has filed a suit in the Mumbai High Court against MSRDC and the Govt. of Maharashtra for seeking reinstatement of the Project.
  Project Concept

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