As an immediate start up the State of Gujarat has been identified, this is the only maritime state in the country with 1600 kms of coastline, which has ventured to develop a number of hi-tech ports. There has been an upsurge in the industrial activity near the coastline, which has lead to additional travel demand between Mumbai - the economic capital of India and ports of Gujarat. Furthermore, tourism sector is also expanding fast. We have therefore identified routes linking Mumbai with Hazira (Surat) and Bhavnagar. We hope to attract traffic on these routes by providing value added services to the commuters. With supportive state government policies we intend to introduce modern amenities for the passengers. For instance, High Speed Ferries such as Hovercrafts, Catamaran and Ro-Ro Vessels capable of averaging a speed of 30 knots will not only provide travel comfort equivalent to air travel but will also cut travel time by nearly 12 hours if traveling between Mumbai and Bhavnagar and by nearly 8-10 hours if traveling between Surat and Bhavnagar by road/rail. These ferries will be affordable as they will be 35% cheaper than airlines. For commencement of the ferry service on these routes we estimate an initial investment of nearly Rs. 150 crores. The service could be enhanced to Ro-Ro operations with the support of the government for the project.

  Project Concept

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