SatyaGiri Shipping Co. Ltd. (SGSL) was founded in 1984 by Mr. Nitin R Joshi, Chairman & Managing Director, with the prime objective of exploring the Indian Coastline and to introduce modern means of Passenger Water Transport on various routes with a view to reduce distances, providing cost effective transportation and to provide maximum passenger comfort and utilize their time optimally.

Over the years, SGSL has operated ferry services in Mumbai and between the States of Maharashtra and Goa. SGSL also participated with the tourism department of Government of Maharashtra to operate their Catamaran for the purpose of tourism development in the State of Maharashtra.
To Provide Safe, Affordable and Comfortable Mode of Transport having World Class Infrastructure
To provide alternate transport for India using its waterways  
To develop infrastructure on International Standards  
  To provide safe, affordable and comfortable transport for passengers  
  To operate services throughout the year  

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